Obour Institutes Services
    • Medical care for students by providing a private clinic and health insurance for students.
      The academic expenses specified by the Ministry of Higher Education shall be paid in two installments at the beginning of each semester.
      The institutes provide a rich library of reference for viewing and borrowing, and it is equipped with the latest visual and audio technologies and an internet hall.
      The institutes postpone their recruitment until the age of 28, according to Minister of Defense Decision No. 68 of 2000.
      Scholarships for those who excel scientifically and those excelling in student activities during the school years.
      Special exemptions for sibling students and for social cases approved by the Board of Directors.
      Training scholarships for distinguished students in companies, banks and major institutions.
      Training scholarships outside Egypt on summer vacation.
      The institutes provide many services units including playgrounds, gymnasium, cafeterias, billiard hall, free WiFi.
      Special buses for students to and from colleges, as well as public transportation buses from all fields.
      Providing an opportunity to obtain the ICDL from UNESCO Cairo, the International MICIT Certificate or the British IT Cambridge Certificate.
      Providing educational services to develop students' English abilities and obtain a TOEFL certificate.