OI Ethical Charter

Ethical charter for top management
- Commitment to impartiality and justice
- Fulfilling promises - whenever possible - within the framework regulating them.
- Immediate response - whenever possible - to staff needs.
- Improving working environment and continuous monitoring of staff honesty and sincerity of work.
- Transparency in speech, firmness in matter, clarity and equality in duties.

Ethical charter for staff members and teaching assistants
- Attention to the scientific subject - theoretical and applied, verbal and practical - provided to the student and ensure their authenticity.
- Sincerity and dedication in providing scientific material, without exploitation or extortion, and taking into account the rules governing the educational process.
- Caring for the interest of the department to which he belongs, proposing the best elements, and what he deems appropriate and valid.
- Expansion of horizon, containment of students and their inquiries regardless their simplicity, whether inside or outside classrooms, and solving their problems as much as possible.
- Cooperation with colleagues in same and other specializations, enriching knowledge and deepening communication.
- Maintaining complete confidentiality regarding exam questions, methods of correction, and means of announcing results.
- Respecting intellectual property rights and publishing, and benefiting from the efforts of others in accordance to professional rules and principles.
- Demeaning private lessons, nor suggesting to tempt students.
- Continuous research development and expanding it from local regional and international levels.
- Directing student assignments towards achieving the targeted learning outcomes, labor market needs, and community service.

Ethical charter of administrative Staff
- Sincere and honest cooperation with colleagues from different departments.
- Serious resistance to rumors and working on suppressing it in its early stages.
- Use of modern technical means to enhance performance and improve the means of providing services.
- Adoption of any development in work at any type or level.

Ethical charter for students
- Tireless effort to obtain knowledge.
- Maintaining respectable and dignified appearance.
- Respect for instructors for providing education and knowledge, and benefit from their scientific, professional and ethical expertise and capabilities.
- Attendance to attend classrooms - theoretical and practical.
- Preserving study places, service units, and the equipment and tools they contain, with the rational utilization of resources.
- Avoid private lessons, and denounce the means some use to compel or entice students to resort to such.
- Respectful attitude with colleagues and whoever provide educational / professional / administrative services.
- Working to boost skills, increase personal and scientific capabilities.
- Rejection of extremism and all forms of violence.
- Maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness.
- Maintenance of public order and morals.
- Freedom from all forms and types of intolerance based on religion / race / color / age / gender.
- Respect of freedom of beliefs, thoughts, and opinions.
- Maintenance of the proper words and deeds, and avoiding offending others or undermining values.